Life and Business Coaching

Hi, I am Afia. I am a sister, godmother, auntie, friend, coach, lawyer, serial entrepreneur and lover of life. I live my life by design and I don’t let societal expectations and fear stop me from exploring  new ways of being or trying something new. My goal is to help others to live a fulfilled life.

Who do I work with?

I help different groups of people, including “Two-World Walkers”, Black people, people of color, African diaspora entrepreneurs and women in transition, to successfully navigate change. These groups face unique challenges and experiences.

It is my belief that if you belong to any of these groups, you benefit from connecting with someone who feels a sense of kinship through similarities in experiences and exposure. Someone who sees you in your totality.

I create a safe confidential space where I become your non-judgmental thinking partner. In this space you will be fully seen and fully heard. I will respectfully point out your blind spots and unconscious beliefs as they arise in our conversation. We will identify beliefs that hold you back. Ultimately we will intentionally create a mindset that allows you to grow, experience more clarity, self-love and peace of mind. Throughout the process I will challenge your thinking and support you. I will be your biggest cheerleader to propel you to reach even greater heights in unchartered territory.

Which group do you belong to?

Black People & People of Color
living in white majority societies

Do you want to… discover and express your true identity to lead an authentic and unapologetic life?

African Diaspora Entrepreneurs

Do you want to… start a small business in Ghana and make it successful and sustainable?

Women In Transition

Do you want to… navigate challenging transitions with grace and ease?

"Two-World Walkers"*

Do you want to… intentionally design your unconventional life?

* The expression is inspired by the North American indigenous culture. I use the expression to describe people feeling at home in more than one country by heritage or by choice.